welcome to my website.

who are you

my name is felix, i'm an austrian from the federal state of tirol. i go to HTL which is an austrian high-school with a focus on IT. i sometimes try to look like i know what i'm doing. capitalization is a spook.

wtf is this shit

this website is mainly for posting the school assignments i will get over the course of my multimedia class (servus herr professor schöpf) i.e. photos, videos and stuff like that.

if you want to know how i made this site go here

ok but why does it look so shit

because you have shit taste.

on a serious note, you probably have different opinions on what a website should look like than i do. when normal people think of a website they imagine something like this. i think websites should look like this, this, or maybe this. the pages on here are also peak web-design.

where can i find stuff on here

look at the paragraphs below:



here are some cool websites, pls give them a visit

about this site:

stuff i used:

nginx is a webserver, it's faster and less bloated than apache. i would have used an even less bloated alternative but i have no idea how to make those use https. although for my usecase https is unnecessary anyways so i may switch someday.

org is a markup language similar to markdown but a lot more powerful. it comes with emacs' org-mode which can do fancy stuff like generate html files from org documents. i like org.

here is the org file from which this page was generated

you know what css is

stuff i did not use:

  • ads, tracking and other dumb shit
  • javascript, apart from the bit of GPL-Licensed js that gets generated with org

browse this website with:

  • normie browsers
  • minimal browsers like netsurf or dillo
  • text browsers like eww, lynx, w3m
  • curl | less